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The Benefits of Green Coffee

Green coffee is the natural state of coffee beans before being roasted. As the name suggests green coffee includes the state in which coffee beans are green in color. Coffee only turns brown when it is roasted. Green coffee extracts is currently taking the globe by storm. The extract has many health benefits. Usually, the coffee beans are picked and processed wet. They are then dried and milled. Pure green coffee extracts are safe to use, they do not have any side effects.


Factors to consider before buying green coffee products:

  •  Make sure that the product is 100% pure green coffee extract. Purity determines the effectiveness of the extract.
  • The product should have at least 800mg of the green coffee extract per serving.
  • The products’ manufacturer should be registered by FDA
  •  Green coffee has been linked with numerous health benefits. The following are the benefits of green coffee

Weight loss:

Green coffee extract contain a certain compound, which plays a vital role in weight loss. The compound found in the extract is referred to as chlorogenic acid. This acid has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties help in neutralizing harmful free radicals. Weight loss can be achieved through use of coffee bean extracts by the fact that, chlorogenic acid does moderate glucose levels. Chlorogenic acid inhibits glucose from being stored at higher levels thereby promoting weight loss. Chlorogenic acid also does boost metabolism. An increased metabolism does help in weight loss.


Green coffee extract can be very beneficial to hypertension patients. The chlorogenic acid found in the extract can help in reducing high blood pressure by increasing the plasma homocysteine levels. Chlorogenic acid also does help in lowering cholesterol levels. Thereby, green coffee does aid in preventing cardio-vascular conditions.

Heart health:

Chlorogenic acid found in green coffee beans extract does help in improving blood circulation and preventing the hardening of the arteries, thus improving the overall heart health. Drinking of green coffee can help in preventing heart diseases such as strokes and cardiac arrest.


Studies have shown that the chemical found in green coffee does help in decreasing insulin levels. It has an antagonistic effect on the transport of glucose. Thus, green coffee can be used in managing diabetes.

Promoting good health:

Green coffee does contain high levels of antioxidants. Chlorogenic acid is a powerful antioxidant found in green coffee. An antioxidant plays an important role in promoting good health by eliminating free radicals in the body. Free radicals in the body are harmful since they promote aging and damage of the tissues. The chlorogenic acid also does help in repairing damaged tissues, which might have been caused by free radicals.

Detoxification of the liver:

Green coffee does help in liver detoxification. This is whereby toxins such as amino group are being detoxified in the liver. This helps in maintaining ones overall well-being.

Effective burning of stored fats is also one of the benefits of green coffee. This is achieved by the chlorogenic acid, which does increase the metabolism rate.

Generally, green coffee does play an important role in promoting good health. It is advisable that you try pure green coffee products for better health.